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Welcome to Terrible SML Videos WIki! This wiki is about disliked or average episodes of the web series SuperMarioLogan. This wiki was created by ShortBusShawty on December 25, 2021, due to SML episodes clogging up mh:terribletvshows:Terrible Shows & Episodes Wiki, and currently has 75 articles.


Just a few simple and basic rules:

  1. Webisodes featured on this wiki have to have received mostly negative feedback from viewers and/or reviewers. Mixed-to-negative reception is also fair game, though it's recommended you use the average headers. Basically just don't add webisodes you dislike if most people don't think that way.
  2. No custom headers. I gave it a chance but everyone (at least the anons) want to include the most cringeworthy and garbage custom titles ever and it's gotten old reverting the BS.
  3. Please try to keep pages at least reasonably detailed and don't get overly ranty and whiny.
  4. Currently, ShortBusShawty will be trying out a "recreate by request" system where you (yes, you) request old webisode pages from the TSAEW for recreation and they will research the webisode to see if it actually has negative or at least mixed to negative reception and then proceed to recreate the page. See the linked blog here for more information.



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